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Greetings and halucinations,below this text you will find some of the best wav (sound) sites on the web.I get a great deal of enjoyment in finding,collecting,and sharing wavs.Enjoy!

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Doc's wav links....

Jenni's Wav Surf
Micheals Home Turf
29 differant pages in one. Great!!
Wavs a Million
Wav Central
Beavis and Buthead wavs
Clay's Sound Emporium
The Wav Place
One of the best on the net
Ruger's Wavs
Earthstation 1
Midniter's Wav Page
Scotts Christmas Playhouse
Santa Wavs
Recent Movie Sounds
Jason's Waves
Tim's Hilarious Home Page
Drew and Jay's Sound Symposium
Debo's House of Wavs
Our Wav Page
Monty Python's Movie Sounds
Wav Central Simpsons
My Wavs
Twighlight Zone Theme and more
Jackies Wavs
Val Kilmer Wavs
Princess Wavs
Princess Bride Wavs
Python Wavs
Monty Python Wavs
Sassy Beth's wavs
Great wavs and links
Insult Room Wav Endorsements
The Weall Wavy World Wide Web
Matt's Abode
TV Theme songs & more
The Wav Jumpgate
Lots Of Links
Fun Wavs
Thumper's World Of Wavs
Elaine's Wav Page
Loob's Lounge
Not For Kids
Tricky Rick's Wavs
Strider's Sounds
Song Clips
Sound Page
Serious Sound FX
Undernet's Original Wav Channel
Peter's Sound & video Page
Ben's World Of Sounds
Ashley's Sounds
Joe's Original Wave Files
MicroBus' Wav Place
Classic Satire Sounds
Movie Sound Schemes For Win95
Iceberg's Page Of EVERYTHING!
Tub #1 Tunes
Flash's Wav Page
XXX Wavs (Adults only Please)
Melissa's Adult Wavs
Reck's Alice In Chains Wav Asylum
South Park Wavs
Cartoon Wavs
Russmeister's Awsome Wav Page
Mickie's Warped Web Site
Country Wavs
Zorg's Wav Hall Of fame
da Adriral's Wav Station
Dill's Page O' Wavs
Free Sounds,Cool Links,Free Stuff
Fat Man's Wavs
Talking Movies
Flying Frog's Sounds Page
Clint Eastwood Wavs
Dreams & Wishes Sound Archive
Tick Wavs
Redplanet Sound Page
Classic comercial wavs and how to make your own wavs
City....Show Me where It Hurts
Great Tick Page
Stoutman's Wav's
Kate's Wavs
Hello,Goodbye and Love Song Wavs
Funky Headhunter's Homepage
Good Music Wavs
Halloween Sound Bites
The Movie Quote Quiz
Great Wavs..........
Swat Kat's Page
Sounds and Screensavers......
Pusboil's Wav Page
Stupid Human Noises
Georgene's All Night Cafe
Wavs,Mail list & Links
Wavs From TVs Series ER
Nick at Night & TV Land
Some grat Classic TV Wavs
"Peanuts" Wavs
Pink Floyd Wavs
Pete's TV Wav Site
Great Selection........
Fawlty Towers Wavs
Red Dwarf Sounds
Prime Theater
Answ.Machine Wavs and More!
Sam Kinison Wavs
School House Rock Wavs
Super Chicken Wavs
X-Men Sounds Page
One of my son's favorites
The XYZZY Huge Wav Collection
WavBabe's Wav Files
Country wavs,more
George Carlin Wavs
Penguin's Christian Wavs and chat Wavs
The Queen's Wavs and Stuff
Winnie the Pooh Wavs (and tigger too)
Josh's Sound Files
Great Beatles's Wavs
Root's Old Time Wavs
Now Hear This!

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